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  • Qatari German for medical devices company And Qatar university   announce the interim registration certificate for new patent for the safety syringes


    Doha, Qatar , March 17, 2019 : Qatari German for medical devices company announces its success in developing the safety syringes technology and acquiring a new Interim patent certificate for the safety syringes. This success was the culmination of a team effort between the Faculty of Engineering, Office of intellectual property and creativity at the University of Qatar in cooperation with medical and technical team in Qatari German for medical devices company.

    It is worth mentioning that Qatari German for medical devices company for medical research has previously signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Qatar to develop safe medical syringe techniques and get a new patent in this vital area. The aim of this agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the two parties and employ scientific research capabilities of medical product development to support the medical industry in the State of Qatar, development and advancement.

    On this occasion, Mr. Hamad bin Khamis Al-Kubaisi, Chairman of Qatari German for medical devices company Said:


    “Qatari German for medical devices company seeks continuously to achieve its strategy aimed at developing its Medical Products and innovation of new medical products to suit the needs of the local market. We are very proud of what we achieved the technical and medical team in the company in cooperation with the faculty of Engineering, Office of intellectual property and creativity at the University of Qatar. We also appreciate the fruitful cooperation with the University in recruiting potential scientific research to develop the medical sector in Qatar, achieving sustainable development, in line with Qatar’s national 2030 vision.”'.

    For her part, said Professor Dr. Mariam Al Maadeed, Vice President for research and graduate studies at the University of Qatar: “this success confirms the ongoing Qatar University sought to find appropriate solutions to the challenges facing the medical community, and expand cooperation between the two sides in the field of scientific research and development in the interests of national medical industry “.



    For his part, said Dr. Aiman Erbad, Director of planning and development of scientific research at the University of Qatar: “this announcement is the result of continuing efforts by the team at the Faculty of Engineering, Office of intellectual property and creativity in Qatar university, applying to Qatar University’s strategy for expansion in the transfer of technology to the industrial sector.

    Qatari German for Medical Devices company is considered one of the most pioneering companies in the manufacture of medical supplies in the Middle East and has proven as a competitor in the medical device industry. The company has technical potential of different methods and sterilization devices such as Ethylene oxide sterilization (ETO gas) with a capacity up to (30 Cubic Meters), in addition to steam sterilization equipment and capabilities that cover the needs of the State of medical supplies. The company also perform all sterilization tests on medical products within the factory with the latest styles and methods used globally.Qatari German for Medical Devices has an integrated and qualified team with extensive experience in medical manufacturing.


    Since its founding in 2007 Qatari German for Medical Devices company, manufacturing all types of medical and intravenous syringes, preparation of tools for sterilization of medical products one of the featured products that company offers with high-quality, which makes the company the ideal choice for such industries that Benefit the medical sector in Qatar.


  • QGMD Discloses The Date Of Its Board Of Directors’ Meeting To Discuss
          The Financial Statements For The Year Ended December 31st, 2018

          Qatar German For Medical Devices Co. Q.P.S.C. announces that its Board of Directors will meet 
          on Wednesday 27th March 2019 , to discuss its Financial Statements for the year ended 31st  
          December 2018.

  • Names of candidates for membership of the Board of Directors Election

          With reference to Board Election opening the candidature for membership of the Board of Directors of
         the Qatari German for Medical Devices Company for the vacant position in the current Board of
         Directors for the remaining term till 2021, Starting from Monday 18/2/2019 until the end of the working
         day on Sunday, 3/3/2019. ,

           1.Mr. Saleh Jowhar Saeed Mohammed Al Mohammad - Independent member

     2. Mr. Khamis Mubarak Khamis Zamil Al-Kuwari - Independent member

           Yours sincerely,

                           Qatari German For Medical Devices Company

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  2. Qatar Central Bank’s Board of Directors Decision No. (1) for the 2016 year with respect to the limitation and conditions of shares’ ownership in the capital of financial institutions listed in the Qatari Exchange which are subject to the control and supervision of Qatar Central Bank.                                                
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  •  Board Members Election for the vacant positions for the remaining period till 2018                                                                                                                            
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