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  • Q JectUltra® is an Insulin Syringe serving as a tool
    in diabetic care and is a unique combination of
    ultra-fine needle with its tip optimized for
    Q Ject Ultra®
  • Q Flow® is designed with specific care for infusion therapy
    is available with many customized variable to cater
    the need of healthcare professionals.
    Q Flow®
  • Needle stick injuries are among the most prevalent and
    preventable occupational accidents. The ultimate solution
    to prevent needle stick injury is Q Safe®
    Q Safe®


QGMD has invested heavily in establishing and maintaining the infrastructure and the superstructure...

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QGMD has always focused on the latest up-to-date technology supplying the market with cutting edge high...

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QGMD is representing international companies with strong hold in biotechnology to provide insightful...

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Welcome to QG Medical Devices

QG Medical Devices is a leading manufacturer of Medical Devices in the Middle East. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, QG Medical Devices boasts a state of the art production facility designed by reputable innovative technology providers from Germany, Switzerland and Italy. QG has proved to be a credible contender in the medical devices industry where progressive healthcare markets of uncompromising standards, such as Europe, started to rely on QG patient-centric products for superior quality. For the same reasons, QG Medical Devices is realizing rapid growth of market share worldwide.

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